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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have added some questions you may have about our services. If you have questions not answered here please feel free to contact us on 07879 695874.

What advantage is there for me in using Mobile Benz Tech?
You receive a personal service by an experienced Mercedes-Benz specialist who has been working on vehicles like yours since 1996. Visiting you at a time and place of your convenience, saving you the trip to a garage, and any isssues revealed can be discussed directly at the time. In addition you'll be enjoying great savings on main dealer and garage costs.
How can I book a service or repair with you?
Simply phone us on 07879 695874 and we can discuss your exact needs, arrange a convenient date and location for our visit. We can often give you a quotation at the same time.
What about bad weather?
Using a canopy as part of my fully equipped mobile workshop we are able to work in most situations, including mild rain and wind. In rare circumstances where the weather is particularly bad we may need to reschedule our work for another date.
My vehicle is under warranty - will that still be valid?
Yes. Under the 'Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002' you can choose to have your servicing and repairs carried out other than by manufacturers main dealers, without invalidating the warranty. Because we use approved parts, oils and fluids and carry out serving and repairs to approved standards any existing manufacturers warranty on your vehicle is maintained.
Will my Service Book or Digital Service History be maintained?
Yes. All our servicing includes the updating of your Service Record or Digital Service Book (vehicles from 2008 onwards).
Will I still receive service reminders?
Yes. The service reminder in the instrument panel is reset after servicing to continue a visual notification of when the next service is due.
Do you use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts?
Yes, all servicing and repairs use genuine Merceds-Benz parts, approved oils and fluids. These parts are of the best quality, designed and manufactured specifically for your vehicle and come with a standard Mercedes parts warranty.
Are you up to date with the latest technology for newest vehicles?
Yes. As an experienced Mercedes-Benz specialist I use STAR diagnostics, the same tool used in main dealers. This is constantly updated in order to work with the latest vehicle electronic systems.